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Your taxi company at Brussels Zaventem airport

Your taxi company at Brussels Zaventem airport

Taxi aeroport Bruxelles Zaventem

Our taxi company at Brussels Airport Zaventem is the right service provider for you if you want to make your journey to or from Brussels Airport. Our objective is to offer you a reliable mobility solution and to organize your transfer with care. All you have to do now is book your taxi. The process can be done online via our reservation module accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or by phone.

All your taxi services at Brussels Airport

We offer a wide range of taxi services to and from Brussels Zaventem Airport.Thus, we will lead you to all distances in all Belgium, France and Europe. In addition, we ensure your connections with any station or any Airport if you are in Transit.. Finally, we offer dedicated services for professionals and tourists on vacation. We offer a wide range of vehicles : Sedan from 1 to 4 passengers, Luxury Sedan from 1 to 4 passengers, Luxury Sedan from 1 to 4 passengersr and, finally, a Van from 1 to 8 passengers.

Book your Brussels-Zaventem Airport Taxi

Shuttle at departure or arrival

If you are departing from Brussels airport, our experienced taxi driver can pick you up at your home or at any address of your choice. 

If you are arriving, our company will provide you with a taxi that will take you to the destination that suits you. 

Please note that we serve Brussels National Airport or Brussels South Charleroi Airport. So, for your next trip, all you have to do is contact us and our team will set up a transfer in perfect adequacy with your needs.

The price of your TAXI airport Brussels Zaventem

Our Brussels Airport Taxi company offers adapted and flat-rate fares. Our ambition is to offer you a reasonable fare for your travel without neglecting the quality of service. Indeed, a well-kept and experienced driver will ensure your taxi transfer to and from Brussels Airport. You will also be provided a well maintained and clean vehicle, which will ensure your comfort during the journey. In addition to all this, we undertake to adapt our offer according to your requirements and taking into account all your constraints.

To make your next trip from or to Brussels airport in the best conditions, do not hesitate to contact us. Regardless of where you are picked up, your taxi driver will be present at the appointment at the agreed time. Similarly, upon your arrival at Brussels airport, he will wait for you and drive you to any destination, whether it is your home or your office, hotel, to a seaside resort from the North Sea coast, or in a holiday resort.

tarif taxi aeroport Bruxelles pour navette toutes distances

Our vehicle fleet

For your own comfort and safety, we ensure the quality of our fleet of vehicles Sedan, Luxury Sedan, and Van. Indeed, the maintenance and cleanliness of vehicles are at the heart of our priority. Thus, with our Taxi company at Brussels Airport, you will have the certainty of travelling in the best conditions and with a helpful and professional driver.

A 24/7 all-round taxi service

A quality service and professionalism guaranteed

Our taxi company at Brussels Airport is working to assign you the best service possible. With several years of experience, we are ready to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Discover our commitments !

A high quality taxi shuttle service

We are committed to providing you with a driver who is familiar with the traffic situation in real time at Brussels National Airport. He is able to choose the right route thanks to his experience. In addition, your taxi driver has been trained to offer you a high quality transfer. Always punctual, he or she is also responsible for keeping to your schedule.

Professional support

Professionalism is also a major asset of our taxi company. Offering you an outstanding experience is our priority in order to guarantee you a pleasant trip. We therefore promise you the best possible care. This is reflected in a warm and respectful welcome and a perfect command of road driving. It should also be noted that the organization of your trip will be carried out with seriousness. Regardless of the number of passengers, the schedule, the destination and the amount of luggage, you will have nothing to worry about.

Taxi officiel Brussels Airport
Taxi Airport Driver

In detail, all our services....

Your Taxi driver at Brussels Airport provides an all-round transport service. You can also count on the high availability of our team. Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Shuttle by local taxi

Our Our taxi company at Brussels Airport Zaventem provides all local services. provides all local services. To return home or to  your hotel when you arrive at the airport, you can count on us. A taxi driver who knows the whole Brussels region and beyond well will be at your disposal. If you need to go to the office or to a business meeting as soon as you arrive in Brussels, we can arrange your Brussels airport transfer by taxi.

You will have no fear about the schedules. Even in the event of a flight delay, we will do everything necessary to ensure your arrival at your destination as soon as possible. Finally, please be aware that our company can organize a excursion through the city of Brussels.   

Shuttle by national taxi

Our taxi company from Brussels Airport offers an all-round transport service. Thus, your driver can ensure your transfer from the airport to any city in Belgium. We also put high-performance vehicles at your disposal able to travel a long distance. Regardless of the time and distance to travel, your taxi driver can ensure your comfort and safety and drive you to your destination.

Similarly, if you have to take a flight to Brussels Zaventem airport, we will be able to provide your transport no matter where you are picked up. Indeed, we can provide you with a taxi driver with the experience required to carry out this type of mission correctly.

Shuttle by taxi from Brussels Airport to all over Europe

The connection of Brussels airport with other European cities, to mention only Paris, is also part of our services. It should be noted that every taxi driver at our service has the necessary know-how to make long-distance journeys. Enabling you to travel safely and in total comfort is our goal. Your driver will be serious and professional throughout the journey to prevent any hazards.

If you need to take a train after your flight from Brussels Airport, our company can arrange your taxi transfer from Brussels Airport to the station of your choice.  In the other hand, if you arrive by train and then go to Brussels airport, we are ready to make the connection.

Several proposed correspondences

Apart from the Brussels Central, – South and North stations, the capital of Belgium has many stops. It must be said that the train is a public transport widely used to get to the various cities of Belgium and Europe. Our taxi platform offers you several connections between Brussels Airport and the various stations in Brussels and Belgium. Our team is familiar with the different routes that connect these different places. In addition, they are used to making this type of trip. You can rely entirely on the efficiency of your taxi driver.

A fast and punctual service

You can count on the speed of our service, which is really important. Our ambition is to save you from a delay. This could cause you stress and other problems. Your taxi driver undertakes to respect your schedules, especially as he will be punctual. Whether you have train or  plane to catch, you will arrive at the station or airport on time. In addition, your driver will choose the route taking into account the actual traffic situation.

High-quality care

Whether the journey consists of taking you to the airport or train station, your taxi driver‘s watchword is to satisfy you. The care will be done in a calm atmosphere since he will be on time for the appointment. He will help you with your luggage and will take care of getting you in the vehicle properly. When you arrive at the airport or train station, he will also take care of unloading your belongings. He will try to park in the best place possible in order to avoid you having to travel long distances with your luggage. We promise you a pleasant trip in all circumstances.

Shuttle bus Taxi Brussels Airport Zaventem
all Airports

If you are only stopping at Brussels National Airport, our taxi company can provide you with a transfer to other airports.

Correspondence with any airport  

A next flight to be taken from Paris airport or another airport in Belgium such as Charleroi Airport ? Our Brussels Airport Taxi Company can provide the connection. Offering an all-round transport service, we have the right driver for you. Regardless of the route to travel and the time of your next flight, our company will do everything necessary to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time..

Your comfort during the trip will not be neglected, because our objective is to ensure the good continuity of your trip. Your taxi driver will pick you up at the arrival terminal on time and take you to the other airport platform quickly. He will ensure that the transfer is carried out in a calm and friendly atmosphere. 

Another alternative in case of flight delay

If due to the delay of the first flight, you will no longer be able to arrive at the other airport in time, our company offers you an alternative solution. It is a question of continuing the journey by taxi, which is a better solution if there is no more space available for the next flight. Indeed, we are able to take you to any airport in Belgium or Europe in a comfortable vehicle. It should be remembered that long-distance journeys are one of our specialities.

If this solution is suitable for you, simply contact us. Our team will plan your trip according to the best practices. Please note that we offer a competitively priced transport service. Your safety on the road is also at the heart of our priority. Choosing to continue the trip with our taxi driver is enjoying a unique experience. 

Beach & Seaside Resorts
Brussels Airport Zaventem

Many tourists decide to go immediately to a seaside resort or to the beach as soon as they arrive at Brussels airport. If you are interested, our Brussels Airport Taxi company is also the ideal partner.

A transfer to any range

After a stressful or tiring flight, going to the beach is a good idea. All you have to do is admire the beautiful scenery and breathe the sea air to get back into a good mood. Belgium also has beautiful beaches.  One of these is the beach of La Canne, which is 1 hour and a half from Brussels. It is a site of remarkable beauty, an ideal place for walking.

There are also the beaches of Ostend and Zeebrugge. No matter where you are inspired, your taxi driver can take you there. He can wait for you nearby and drive you to the hotel afterwards. In other words, our service will be adapted to your real needs. 

A transfer to a seaside resort

If you have booked a hotel in one of Belgium’s most beautiful seaside resorts, you can count on us to provide you with transport. Note that the country has several heavenly places that seduce tourists, such as the chic resort of Knokke-le-Zoute, your taxi driver will wait for you at the airport and will take you to the destination of your choice.

Having received a good training, each driver who forms our team has a good knowledge of the routes that lead to the beaches and seaside resorts of the region. He will be able to offer you a safe and comfortable trip. In addition, it should not be forgotten that we can take care of group travel. So, for your family holidays, trust us!

Brussels Airport

If you are staying in Brussels, for any professional or personal reason, you will probably need a means of travel. Our Taxi company at Brussels Airport is at your service.

A transfer to any hotel in Brussels

If on arrival at Brussels National Airport you need a vehicle with driver to take you to the hotel, contact us! We take care of the taxi connections between the airport and all the hotels in the city. The driver we will provide you with knows each establishment well. So, all you have to do is provide the name of your hotel. 

The advantage of using our service is that you will no longer have to wait long to find a taxi. Your driver will be at the airport as soon as you arrive and will drop you off at the hotel safely, no matter what time of day. Even if your flight will land late in the evening, you will still have the right transportation service.

A transfer from the hotel to the airport

Our Brussels Airport Taxi Driver can also provide your transfer to the airport when you take your return flight. He will pick you up at the hotel or at a convenient place, such as the office. He will respect the schedule so that you can arrive at the boarding terminal on time. This way, you will have no risk of missing your flight. It is even possible to make a small detour to the market if you want to buy souvenir items. In short, we are ready to offer you a custom-made transport service.

A transfer to any hotel in Belgium

If you need to go to a hotel located outside the capital, you can also trust us. We have a taxi driver who can provide the connection between the airport and the destination that suits you.

Enterprise partnership

Business Transport

For your business trips, you need a quality means of transport. Our company is also an expert in the field. We propose a Business special transport service.

A high quality service

Whether you are a salesman, an entrepreneur, a company manager or a simple employee on a mission in the Belgian capital, our company offers you an adapted transport service. To start, you will be able to benefit from a taxi shuttle from the airport to your hotel or a destination of your choice. Then, we are ready to take care of your business trips. Whether you are going to a business meeting or to your company, you will be well served.

The quality of our fleet is our first asset. You will be able to benefit from a top-of-the-range, neat and clean vehicle, adapted to your brand image. In addition, the driver at your service is committed to meeting all your behaviour and appearance requirements. He will act with discretion and friendliness at each race. In other words, you can count on his professionalism.

A wide range of services

Our company is ready to study each of your requests in terms of transportation service. If you have decided to organise a seminar or team-building, we can provide transport for your colleagues from their arrival at the airport until their return. We can also take care of the transport of your business partners or VIP customers.

An experienced and passionate driver will take care of the mission and his motto will be to fully satisfy your guests in terms of service quality. You should know that our team knows all the business districts of Brussels. Our taxi driver can therefore be a perfect guide for them every time they travel. In addition, it guarantees punctuality, courtesy and seriousness with each treatment.  

Brussels National Airport is an ideal starting point to discover the capital of Belgium. So, if you are tempted by the idea of an excursion as soon as you arrive, our company offers you attractive walking ideas.

A wide choice of tourist tours available

Our taxi company based at Brussels Airport is the right partner for you if you want to discover all the historical and cultural treasures of the Belgian capital. As the seat of the European Union, the city has something to amaze tourists. We have designed tourist tours for you that will allow you to discover several places at once. You can, among other things, visit the Magritte Museum and the Grand Place, famous for its spectacular ornaments.

We can also show you the King’s house and its impressive architecture, the Menneken-Pis and the famous Atonium, symbol of the Belgian capital. Don’t forget the city’s various parks, which have an unparalleled landscape. It is up to you to choose the tour that suits you. The walk through Brussels will of course be with an experienced taxi driver who knows the city well.

Customized tours

If you do not have much time to spend discovering Brussels, you can ask for a personalised tour. Our team will propose you a tour that will be completed in a few hours. It will obviously include a visit to the main tourist attractions of the Brussels region. So you can enjoy an unforgettable walk.

It should be noted that our company offers various services that will make the excursion even more enjoyable. Indeed, we can offer you the service of a guide. It will give you detailed information on each place to visit. Your walk will be both entertaining and informative.

Please note that you can choose a solo or group visit. In addition, it is possible to include a gourmet break in the tour, which will allow you to discover the region’s gastronomic specialities.

Focus on Zaventem Airport

Taxi officiel Brussels Airport

Brussels Zaventem Airport, also known as Brussels Airport, is located 12 kilometres from the centre of Brussels, in the city of Zaventem. It is the first Belgian airport and is managed by the Brussels Airport Company. In 2006, it was ranked 90th in the ranking of airports with the highest number of passengers.

A few stories about the airport 

The history of Brussels Airport dates back to the First World War. The Germans have created an aeronautical complaint at the entrance to Haren, a town in the northeast of the city. The site became a storage site for enemy aircraft equipment at the end of the war. The Belgian army has also installed civil aeronautics there.

In 1923, the Belgian airline Sabena decided to create a small civilian airport near the military airfield. Following the development of the city and the airport, the site had to be moved to Zaventem. Since then, the airport has continued to evolve and expand rapidly.

Several proposed destinations

Brussels National Airport offers several European and international flights. Several destinations including cities in Africa, Asia, America and the Middle East are available. It has a fairly large reception capacity. Indeed, the site can accommodate 35 million passengers per year. Several airlines are located within the airport, including Air France, Adria Airways, Aeroflot, Air Canada, British Aiways and Brussels Airlines.

Local infrastructures

The airport has a terminal with two jetties. The first, Pier A, is dedicated to European destinations in the Schengen area. The second, Pier B, is for European destinations outside the Schengen area and non-European destinations. By 2040, three more jetties will be opened. The airport also houses about 40 stores, about 20 food outlets and many service points. Offices are also open within the site.